Jaguar Man Mask - Unique Brass Filigree Necklace

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Jaguar Man Mask - Unique Brass Filigree Necklace


This unique piece was inspired by the Jaguar Man masks of South American traditions. Jaguar Masks and hides were often used by shaman, for it was believed that this cat could move between the mortal spirit realms, just as it moved between the rivers, earth, and trees. Its luminous eyes were believed to pierce the veils between worlds, just as they penetrated the darkness.

We are naturally fascinated by masks... In the days of our ancient ancestors, they were central to our ceremonies, invested with mythic power. When we wear a mask, our humanity is concealed, while another aspect is revealed: We enter a realm of mystery, and join the ranks of beasts and monsters, gods and devils, totems and archetypes, a transformation which is described by mystics, psychologists, and scholars alike.

These stunning mask-inspired artworks are sculpted by the masterful hand of K. M. Kotulak, using an architecture of antique filigree and exquisitely detailed wire work. All material is solid antique brass. Measures roughly 2.5 inches in height, with the standard 16-20 inch adjustable chain length, with 4 inch extender.

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