The Black Unicorn -- Handmade Brass Necklace

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The Black Unicorn -- Handmade Brass Necklace


As I often dream of horses, I felt inspired to create a piece in celebration of this beautiful beast. The horse is a creature of incredible strength, energy, and endurance, but its true grace is the spirit of friendship. When we are weak the horse lends us its strength, and when we fall it can carry us. The horse is with on your longest journey and a spirited accomplice to your escapes. Endowed with a blazing mane and solitary horn, this equine resembles the unicorn of medieval myth, a beast renown for its miraculous powers and legendary rarity.

This series of miniature mask pendants are sculpted from antique filigree interwoven with intricate wire work. You can become lost in the details of these mesmerizing artworks, where you can find a baroque interweaving of natural forms, such as wings, trees, vines, and flowers. It's a magical moment when a face emerges from the wild jungle of twisted brass. Because of the intuitive, hands-on process of their creation, even similar designs will have their own unique variations and flourishes.

The chain is 17 inches with a 4 inch extender, so the fit can easily be adjusted anywhere between 17 and 21 inches. It fastens with a high quality lobster claw clasp. All metal and findings are solid hand-finished brass.

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