The Brass Hand

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The Brass Hand


The human hand. In Latin: “Manus,” the root of words such Manual, Manufacture, and Manipulate. So in our language the hand is associated with the power to create, to control, and to design. Perhaps this explains why I am so obsessed with hands! Truly one of nature's most brilliant inventions.

When I'm on the road, these items draw a lot curiosity and fascination. The “how?” is quite simple: It's crocheted from brass wire, a labor of patience and study. The original was a life-sized portrait of my own hand... These sculptures are miniatures which measure 2.5 inches roughly, a comfortable size for a pendant or a portable object of curiosity. Feel free to specify if you would like a left or right hand, or if you would like it posed in a particular way. They remain pose-able to a degree and very lifelike and expressive.

If you are looking for the perfect chain to match, we have antiqued brass chains available as well:

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