The Key of Lilith

It's been over a year since I've added to the pantheon of God Keys, and all the while, this Lilith design has been folded away in the dark of my sketchbook, awaiting the right energy and inspiration to usher her into reality. The time has finally come.

This idol is inspired by an ancient Babylonian sculpture known as Queen of the Night, circa 1750 BCE, housed at the British Museum. The true identity of the figure remains a mystery, but she is believed to depict Ereshkigal, Queen of Great Earth and Goddess of the Underworld; Ishtar/Inanna, the Goddess of Sex and Fertility; or the demon Lilith. She is depicted nude, wearing only her jewelry and the horned headdress of divinity. Her wings grant her the freedom of the heavens, while her vulture-like talons connect her to the underworld. In the sculpture I reference, she is also depicted perched upon the backs of lions, and flanked by staring owls.


This Goddess is embodied as a wild woman, embracing her primal power, but she is also a figure of divine dignity, holding the symbols of sacred right. There is wisdom in her mysterious smile. She stands as goddess of empowered and emancipated femininity, a proclamation of female strength which dates back to the cradle of civilization.

In these troubled modern times, we may still draw strength from the rebel Lilith, the sacred harlot Ishtar, the dark and all-embracing Ereshkigal, respected, beloved, and feared.