Moon Priestess -- Bronze/Brass Necklace

Moon Priestess -- Bronze/Brass Necklace


The ancients associated the crustaceans with the powers of the moon and tides. They are shy creatures by day, but on the moonlit shores, born in seafoam and crashing tides, there marches an army of lunar sentinels, their bodies armored in pale chitin, their claws shaped like the horn of a crescent moon.

This necklace celebrates symmetry and elegant, primal forms, a treasure befitting a pagan priestess or moon-touched seer. Two claws form a lunar crescent, adorned with natural pearls. The metal is finished with a weathered, ancient-looking patina.

The chain is solid antiqued brass, 15 inches with a 4 inch extender, allowing an adjustable fit between 16 and 20 inches.

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