The Briar - Braided Thorn Bronze/Brass Puzzle Necklace

The Briar - Braided Thorn Bronze/Brass Puzzle Necklace


This one of those artifacts with a strange charisma all its own, beautiful yet dangerous, chaotic and yet strangely harmonious; piece that begs to be explored. Whenever I wear it I attract compliments from curious strangers, and they are delighted when I invite them to have a closer look.

That which seemed solid moves fluidly, and that which seemed whole proves to be three separate pieces which rest perfectly entwined. This piece is actually a very basic puzzle! The three pieces can be separated into three wild, thorny branches, a jagged briar which seems confusing at first, but with a few clever twists the branches weave together into harmonious union.

A compelling sculpture, a wonderfully tactile puzzle, a fascinating piece of jewelry with a secret to share!

Each is cast in solid bronze or brass and is hand-finished to achieve a range of rich tones. The signature design is a warm earth-tone bronze. It is also available in golden brass, black bronze, and white brass (resembles antique silver).

Includes the featured chain, which is 15 inches with a 4 inch extender, allowing an adjustable fit between 15 and 19 inches. A bold style suited to both men and women.

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