Wolf Fang Talisman -- Bronze Pendant

Wolf Fang Talisman -- Bronze Pendant


“He was a silent fury who no torment could tame.”
― Jack London, White Fang

The teeth of canines are distinctive: The long forked root anchors them deep in the jaw, allowing an incredible grip and crushing power. Once a they have their prey in their jaws, they can pried loose or shaken off. The will of the wolf is unstoppable.

A fierce charm for those with a hunter's focus and a warrior's heart, resembling a totemic trophy wrapped in sinew. Wolf Fang pendant is hand cast in bronze, designed by artist K.M. Kotulak. It is the perfect expression of the beast within, a symbol of personal strength, instinct, and tenacity.

Available as a necklace on bound suede cord, or as a pendant for chain.
Custom chains is available here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/Hibernacula?section_id=7640809

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