Anima Mundi -- Bronze Pendant

Anima Mundi -- Bronze Pendant


Here is the Alchemical sigil for the "Anima Mundi" or "Spiritus Mundi," the spirit of the world. This key-like symbol bears the encircled cross which represents the four meridians of the earth and the directions of North, South, East, and West, crowned with the symbol for infinity. Spiritus Mundi is mentioned in Yeat's apocalyptic poem, "The Second Coming," describing the source of mythic visions. In the mind of the poet, Spiritus Mundi is the power that unites the mythic consciousnessness of all living things, the Zeitgeist of dreams. A symbol of such vast power, here in the form of a tiny key for you to hold, carried in secret or kept close to your heart.

-1.4 inches / 3.6 cm in length.

-Cast in solid Bronze, hand-finished to an antique patina.

-Chain is not included. Our selection of custom chains is available here:

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