Darkearth Blade - Quartz Crystal and Filigree Brass Pendant

Darkearth Blade - Quartz Crystal and Filigree Brass Pendant


This bold quartz dagger, with its rough and slightly skewed prismic form, has an elegant confidence, like a dark tower upon the horizon. It is sheathed in antique filigree and fine wirework. Its surface is bound with copper titanium, giving it a darkly metallic luster. The crystal measures 1.7 inches / 3.7 cm, and the total length of the pedant is is 2 inches / 4.8 cm.

Quartz are not the rarest of crystals, (in fact, a handful of sand contains innumerable shards of the stuff) but no other crystal is as varied in its colors and formations, or versatile in its uses. Highly conductive of light and energy, it has served us throughout history as tools of science and utility, as well as being treasured for its spiritual power and beauty. It follows that Quartz is associated with thought and Intelligence, inspiration, clarity and focus, and the ability to transform and invent.

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