Key of Thoth -- Handmade Bronze Pendant

Key of Thoth -- Handmade Bronze Pendant


This mystical key takes it name from Thoth; the Egyptian god of scribes, the father of magic, writing, and occult wisdom. Thoth was often depicted with the head of an Ibis (a stork-like bird that waded the Nile river) and sometimes wore a lunar crown upon his head.

The key has many hieroglyphic secrets woven into its design: You can see the lunar crescent, the head of a bird, the Eye of Horus (a symbol of protection) and also a five-plumed crest which represents the hand.

-Sculpted by Hibernacula designer K. M. Kotulak. It is cast in the USA in solid bronze and hand-finished in our studio.

-Measures 2" in length.

-Chain is sold separately, and can be purchased here:

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