Nevermore - Corvid / Crow / Raven Skull Pendant

Nevermore - Corvid / Crow / Raven Skull Pendant


Dark birds of omen in have haunted myth and legend, poetry and art, from ancient times to modern day. They were the spies and messengers of Odin, and the demon of Poe's classic poem. Often associated with mischief and intrigue, their caws sound somewhat like laughter from a distance, and as hungry scavengers, they are quite friendly with death. Appropriately, a group of Ravens is called 'a conspiracy', and a group of crows 'a murder'. But those who know them recognize their wisdom and brilliance, shining like the rainbow-iridescence upon their char-black feathers.

This immortal skull has a hinged jaw opens and closes freely. It is cast in either antique bronze (featured) or white brass (resembles steel or antique silver.) It is one of our heavier pendants, weighing roughly an ounce, and measuring 2" in length.

The chain is not included, but custom antique brass chains can be purchased here:

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