Quincunx -- Bronze Pendant

Quincunx -- Bronze Pendant


The Quincunx represents ideas of integration, expansion and our journey towards enlightenment. It comprises five diamond figures geometrically bound within a square, figuratively binding together the worlds of Humanity, Earth, Nature, and the Stars. From an alchemical perspective, it represents the Gestalt; the whole being more then the sum of its constituent parts. The Quincunx also echoes the four levels of physicality: man, animal, stone, and plant, and, more importantly, the ability of these levels to transcend to a higher, unified complexity. The symbol that can be found in many cultures as well as in architectural designs and sacred geometry.

-1½" in length.

-Cast in solid Bronze, hand-finished to an antique patina.

-Chain is not included. Our selection of custom chains is available here:


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