Reach & Grasp -- Bronze Pendants

Reach & Grasp -- Bronze Pendants


The human hand. In Latin: “Manus;” the root of words such Manual, Manufacture, and Manipulate. So in our language the hand is associated with the power to create, to control, and to design. Perhaps this explains why I am so obsessed with hands! Truly one of nature's most brilliant inventions.

This pendant comes in two styles: "Reach" with fingers outstretched, a gesture of dreams, ambition, and exploration, and "Grasp" with fingers folded as if to hold some precious thing, a gesture of discovery. They have a wonderful gravity and feel almost alive to the touch.

These sculptural pendants are designed by K. M. Kotulak and hand-made in the USA. They are is cast in solid bronze and custom finished to deep antiqued patina with lustrous highlights.

-Measures roughly 1¾" by 1".

-Chain is not included and may be purchased here:

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