Seraph -- Brass Pendant

Seraph -- Brass Pendant

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In my travels, I always wondered over the patterns that decorated classical architecture: The feathered vines of the Rococo, the measured thorns of the Gothic, or the tidal ribbons of Art Nouveau, wild and dreamlike adornments.

This piece is the first in my series of designs born of my love of architectural embellishment. This proud winged arch features the angelic themes and fluted scroll designs which were popular in Rococo architecture. At its heart, a single 9mm eye cabochon of your choice.

Seraph is 1.5 inches / 4 cm tall and is cast in solid brass or bronze.

This design can be cast in Golden Brass, White Brass (resembles antique silver) or Dark Bronze.
You may select one of the designs featured or request a custom design. Simply note the metal type and eye color in the comments section of your purchase or in a +contact.

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