The Ankh -- Handmade Bronze Pendant (double-sided)

The Ankh -- Handmade Bronze Pendant (double-sided)


The Ankh is also known variously as the Crux Ansata, the Key of the Nile, and the Symbol of Life; though in truth, its meaning and origin remain a mystery. Some popular theories consider it to be part of the Egyptian religious iconography, and many of its gods were depicted holding the Ankh by its hoop.

With such a strong association with divinity, some have come to see it as symbolizing immortality and the privileges of the divine. More likely, however, is that it represents the divine gift of life, standing as a key to the portal through which life may enter and depart this world.

We may consider arriving at a closer interpretation by stripping the Ankh down to its essentials: The loop represents a mouth or doorway, a point of origin through which life may enter and return to the realm of Spirit. In contrast, the cross beneath depicts the physical world, and is also suggestive of the tree or river of life; a directional path that suggests movement and transience.
Held confidently in hand, the owner possesses the key to life itself.

-Sculpted by Hibernacula designer K. M. Kotulak. It is cast in the USA in solid bronze and hand-finished in our studio.

-Measures 1½" in length.

-Chain is sold separately, and can be purchased here:

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