The Talon -- Bronze and Glass Clawed Pendant

The Talon -- Bronze and Glass Clawed Pendant


Having studied many beautiful antiques, I often wondered over the clawed feet adorning furniture, architecture, weaponry... Are they bird or reptile, demon or dragon? They express an otherworldly power, something grand and fearsome, primal and proud. There is something mythic in the image, and perhaps that is why it endures.

The Talon is inspired by that familiar motif. It grasps a glass orb, golden as the sun, or blue as night. It is for you to decide if it is the terrible claws of a dragon, or the thieving talons of a crow, a phoenix ascending, or an eagle seizing its prey... This artifact awaits its place in your personal mythology.

The Talon measures 2.2 inches / 5.3 cm in length, cast solid bronze, hand-finished to a deep antique patina.

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