Alchemy Symbols -- Handmade Brass Pendants

Alchemy Symbols -- Handmade Brass Pendants


Alchemy existed at the crossroads of science, philosophy, and medieval mysticism. Their apparent mission was to transform base metals into gold, but the alchemist's quest was also a personal and spiritual one, a quest for wisdom, purity, and transcendence, through which the alchemist himself is transformed.

These symbols represent the base elements of the alchemist's work. You'll notice there's some crossover with the symbols of Astrology with elements such as with gold (Sol) mercury (Mercury) and iron (Mars).

01. Phosphorous
02. Lead
03. Mercury
04. Ash
05. Arsenic
06. Magnesium
07. Vitriol
08. Platinum
09. Silver
10. Gold
11. Tin
12. Salt
13. Iron
14. Sulphur
15. Copper
16. Zinc
17. Antimony

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