Autumn Color Study - Natural Fall Foliage Pendant

Autumn Color Study - Natural Fall Foliage Pendant


Behold our annual ode to autumn, this season of mists and mellow fruitfulness! This year, we are returning to the basics and conducting a 'color study' in the style of classical landscape painters:

We begin with real leaves in the prime of the season, lovingly gathered from the forest which surrounds our Vermont studio (Maple, aspen, oak, and witch hazel) and specially preserved so that they will never lose their color. These leaf-gems are framed in brass and set under magnifying domes, illuminating a wonderland of color and detail. They are set in artistic arrangements of three different sizes.

We have arranged them into three styles:
1: A playful medley of sunny pastels and intriguing textures.
2: Blushing, apple hues presided over by the queenly scarlet of red maple.
3: Dark and handsome earth tones touched with golden warmth, reminding us of old wood and mulled spices.

Each pendant is absolutely unique: Lovingly preserved pieces of autumn that you can treasure forever.

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