Chaldean Star -- Ancient Astronomer's Brass Talisman

Chaldean Star -- Ancient Astronomer's Brass Talisman


The science of astronomy dates back to ancient Mesopotamia, and a mystical school known as Chaldean Astronomy. These ancient stargazers believed they could read the map of our destinies was in the night sky, and that the arrangement of the cosmos had powerful influence over Man and Nature. They charted the positions of the fixed stars and the movements of the planets. Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Sun, Venus, Mercury, and the Moon, were listed in the order of the velocity of their orbits, and were each associated with a god of the ancient patheon. To understand their movements was to understand the will of the God's themselves. To this day, the planets bear the names of Gods, and we still look to them as we contemplate our destinies and our role in the cosmos.

This pendant features the symbols seven classical planets arranged in the ancient Chaldean cycle, set between the points of a septagram, a seven-pointed star.

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