Chaos Star -- Brass Pendant

Chaos Star -- Brass Pendant


“The Chaos Star” is one of my favorite symbols. Also called the “Chaos Cross,” “Chaos Wheel,” or “Symbol of Eight,” this symbol was originally designed by fantasy writer Michael Moorcock, though similar symbols have appeared in occult texts before and since. The tarot card “The Eight of Wands” in Aleister Crowley's Thoth Tarot deck featured a similar eight-arrowed symbol, representing energy scattering at high-velocity in eight directions. Whatever its origin, the Chaos star is a symbol of infinite pathways. It a representation of the outwardly-exploding energy of the universe. When you embrace chaos, all things are possible.

This is my own evolution of the Chaos Star symbol, a with a new axis exploding from the tip of every arrow, spawning a new set of pathways, blossoming like a hall-of-mirrors outwards and on towards eternity.

This cabochon pentagram framed in hand-antiqued brass setting, 20mm in diameter. If you'd like a custom finish on the brass, our colors range from gold-brass, rustic brown (default, featured) and gunmetal brass. The chain is not included, but chains can be purchased separately in our 'chains and accessories' section of the shop:

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