Clockwork Seahorse -- Brass Pendant with Original Artwork

Clockwork Seahorse -- Brass Pendant with Original Artwork


The seahorse has had a varied role in history. It was known as the Hyppocamp in Greek mythology, and was the steed which conveyed Poseidon around his watery realm. Conversely, Pliny the Elder recommended the seahorse as an aphrodisiac, and a curative for various ailments. Though delicious to behold, we do not recommend eating this lovely piece of original artwork!

These cabochon pendants feature high quality reproductions of my miniature paintings and illustrations. Simple, iconic, and emotional, these powerful little pendants double as miniature artworks. A simple brass bezel setting will suit any style or gender. Also makes a lovely ornament, charm, or feature when incorporated into your own designs.

*These pendants do not include a chain. They do however match beautifully with any of the antiqued brass chains available in the Chains and Accessories section of my shop. Various lengths and styles available.

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