Crow / Raven Spirit -- Brass Animal Totem Pendant

Crow / Raven Spirit -- Brass Animal Totem Pendant


The Messenger, the Magician, the Trickster, the Judge: For ages untold, crow has watched the living, and feasted on the dead, welcoming the fires of change: His char-black feathers mark him as creature of both light and darkness, truth and deception; a keeper of mysteries. To the alchemists, crow represented transformation. In tribal legends he was one of the trickster-gods that played a part in the world's creation.

--Original illustration by artist, Kelly Kotulak

--measures 20mm in diameter

--Chains are now purchased separately. All chains are hand-finished brass and designed especially to match our pendants. Visit the new "chains" section of our shop to choose your preferred length and style.

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