Damballa Wedo, the Sky God -- Voodoo Veve Talisman Necklace

Damballa Wedo, the Sky God -- Voodoo Veve Talisman Necklace


Damballa Wedo, the Sky God

Damballa is Voodoo Sky God and primordial creator, and one of the most ancient and powerful Loa. He takes the form of giant serpent, and is considered the Loa of the mind and cosmos. He has a kind and peaceful nature. In Catholic iconography he is sometimes associated with Christ, and due to his serpentine form, he is also associated with Saint Peter, who drove the snakes from Ireland; and Moses, whose staff transforms into a snake. He also might be connected to the Old Testament story in which God manifests as a burning bush to speak to Moses. In his new-world incarnation he's known as "Dumballah nan flambo," whose voice can be heard in the flame.

The veve design is a name-sigil, used to call upon the “Loa,” the Voodoo equivalents of a Saints or an Angels, the spirit-ambassadors between god and mankind. The veve is traditionally drawn on the ground in cornmeal or gunpowder, and often adorned with the Loa's favorite offerings or sacrifices.

-Glass detail measures 1" wide and 3/4" high.

-Chain is 16" long and comes with a 4" extender.

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