Erzulie Dantor, Lady of Sorrows -- Voodoo Veve Talisman

Erzulie Dantor, Lady of Sorrows -- Voodoo Veve Talisman


While Erzulie Freda represents the glamour and sensuality of feminity, Erzulie Dantor represents a uniquely female strength. Often represented by an image of the Black Madonna of Czestochowa, she as seen as a darkly beautiful yet scarred woman holding a child (the Christ-child, in the case the Black Madonna) Similar to "Our Lady of Sorrows," in Catholic iconography, she represents sublime emotion and suffering, love, strength, and sacrifice. She is the patron of mothers and female warriors of all types, the champion of the abuse-survivors and the broken hearted, and an aggressive protector of women and children. She is also the beloved patron Loa of New Orleans, and lends the city her strength in times of suffering.

The veve design is a name-sigil, used to call upon the “Loa,” the Voodoo equivalents of a Saints or an Angels, the spirit-ambassadors between god and mankind. The veve is traditionally drawn on the ground in cornmeal or gunpowder, and often adorned with the Loa's favorite offerings or sacrifices.

-Measures 1" in diameter.

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