Eternity Pentagram Cufflinks

Eternity Pentagram Cufflinks


The pentagram is one of the most ancient religious symbols, used in Greece and Babylon, and adopted by many cultures and faiths through the ages; and often used as a representation of the body or the elements. The encircled pentagram is the symbol most widely used by modern pagans, such as Wiccans, representing the elements in balance (fire, water, earth, and air, with spirit as the uppermost point presiding over them) enclosed in a circle representing the cosmos.

This pentagram design is unique to Hibernacula, embellished with an outwardly radiating spiral, similar to the Buddist swastika, representing the eternal dance of our shifting, changing universe.

These cabochon pentagram cufflinks are framed in hand-antiqued brass settings, 18mm in diameter. If you'd like a custom finish on the brass, our colors range from gold-brass, rustic brown (default, featured) and gunmetal brass.

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