Hand of Fatima -- Brass Pendant

Hand of Fatima -- Brass Pendant


The Hand of Fatima (also known as the Hamsa, or Khamsa) is a protective symbol that originated in the Middle East, and has been traced back as far as ancient Mesopotamia. The open hand is a gesture associated with the Buddha, Aphrodite, and Mary Magdalene. It has also been linked with the Egyptian Hand of the All-Goddess, with the two fingers representing Isis and Osiris, and the thumb representing their child, Horus. The various ascribed properties associated with it include fertility, strength, promoting healthy pregnancy, and protection against evil. Often strongly associated with femininity, it has also been considered a symbol of good conscience, and our inability to escape the twin watchful eyes of Horus: the Sun and the Moon.

-The pendant is solid brass, featuring hand-made acrylic irises, and measures roughly 1½" long and just under 1" at its widest point.

-Chains are now purchased separately- All chains are hand-finished brass and designed especially to match our pendants. Visit the new "chains" section of our shop to choose your preferred length and style:


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