Hexagram -- Handmade Brass Talisman

Hexagram -- Handmade Brass Talisman


The six pointed star, commonly referred to as the hexagram or heptagram, is an geometric form sacred to many cultures, and is known by many names. It is composed of two interpenatrating triangles pointing in opposing directions. To the Hindus, it represented the sexual union of male and female divine creative powers. It is also a popular form of mandala, used in sacred art and mediation. Among the yogis, a green hexagram is featured in the symbol of Anahata, the Heart Chakra. This symbol was also sacred to Jewish Kabalists, and became identified with the Solomon's Seal talisman, and much later became identified with the familar Star of David or Shield of God.

Across many cultures and through the vast spans of history, this symbol has been associated with creation, united duality, and wholeness.

Measures 1" in diameter.

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