La Sirene , The Mermaid -- Voodoo Veve Talisman

La Sirene , The Mermaid -- Voodoo Veve Talisman


Also known as Mami Wata (Mother Water) in her African aspect, La Sirene is one of the most charming Voodoo spirits. The archetypal mermaid, La Sirene is strongly associated with the moon and water. She is a dreamer and a romantic, and her undersea realm is rich in treasures and exotic pleasures. She is especially generous with her gifts, bestowing wealth and luxury upon her followers, and has even been said to invite worshipers to her enchanted undersea realm. In her darker aspect she is seen as a temptress, the siren who seduces men with her bewitching song, and like sea, she is a dangerous mistress, stormy and proud. As restless and tireless as the tides, she can also inspire passionate artistic works in those who follow her.

The veve design is a name-sigil, used to call upon the “Loa,” the Voodoo equivalents of a Saints or an Angels, the spirit-ambassadors between god and mankind. The veve is traditionally drawn on the ground in cornmeal or gunpowder, severing as the centerpiece to a shrine or ceremony, and often adorned with the Loa's favorite offerings or sacrifices.

-Measures 1" in diameter.

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