Lion Spirit -- Brass Animal Totem Pendant

Lion Spirit -- Brass Animal Totem Pendant


"The Lion is a symbol of personal strength, an emblem worn by Conquerers and Kings. Even his name is praise: To “Lionize”someone is to honor and glorify them. However, the lion is not a solitary cat; his tribe is his Pride. A lover, a leader, and a paragon, lion symbolizes the strength of the heart."

Animal symbols are sacred to many cultures. They are used to express a special kinship with the animal, to remind us of the lesson it teaches us, or to call upon its power. These illustrated pendants have a luminous depth and shimmer. Each measures 20mm in diameter, and is set in solid brass.

Looking for a chain to match? Choose your preferred length and style here: All chains are hand-finished brass and designed especially to match our pendants.

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