Mitosis -- Handmade Brass Necklace

Mitosis -- Handmade Brass Necklace


When I was young I had two dreams: Firstly, I wanted to become a biologist and explore the wonders and mysteries of nature. Secondly, I wanted to become an artist and give form to the wonders and mysteries of my imagination. I found that this is true for many artists. Even though we've strayed down the path of the unreal, we continue to study nature and to emulate her, inspired by the beauty of her designs and processes.

This necklace features a series of illustrations detailing the stages of cell division. This is this the most basic process through which all organic things grow: the process that begins at conception, and is the genesis of all complex life.

This necklace was a collaboration between myself and Ross Field. Four tiered cabochons are colored a deep shimmering indigo blue; a hue that evokes the mysteries of the oceans and the cosmos.

The chains and settings are solid hand-finished brass. The chain measures 16 inches with a 4 inch extender, so it can easily be adjusted between 16 and 20 inches.

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