Norse / Elder Futhark Rune Pendant

Norse / Elder Futhark Rune Pendant


The Elder Futhark Runes are one of civilization's most ancient alphabets, predating our own Latin alphabet. This written language was used for mundane purposes such as scribing poetry, stories, and contracts, and mystical purposes as well: The Runes were powerful tools of divination, or fortune telling, and sometimes used as talismans. Every Rune has a symbol, a name, a sound, and a meaning or power. They serve as both messages and blessings.

This series of pendants illustrates all 25 Runes of the Viking / Elder Furthark alphabet, including Odin, the blank rune, the Rune of the divine and the unknowable.

They are available in two styles, Night Blue or Earthen Brown. Each is 15mm in diameter and set in solid antique brass.

Chains may be purchased separately in any length or style available. All chains are solid brass and antiqued by hand to match our pendants.

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