Panther Spirit -- Brass Animal Totem Pendant

Panther Spirit -- Brass Animal Totem Pendant


Cats of the species Panthera include leopards, cougars, and jaguars. Any of these cats has the opportunity to be born a black panther. This dark potential connects Panther to the black forge of creation; the Dark Mother and her primordial wisdom. Thus, Panther is often the totem of ancient and mystically gifted souls. Panther moves with stealth and focus, a creature of secret ferocity, reminding us of our inner strength, our latent power, and our shadow desires.

--Original illustration by artist, Kelly Kotulak

--measures 20mm in diameter

--Chains are now purchased separately. All chains are hand-finished brass and designed especially to match our pendants. Visit the new "chains" section of our shop to choose your preferred length and style.

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