Seven Archangels -- Handmade Brass Bracelet

Seven Archangels -- Handmade Brass Bracelet


Seven sigils spell out the names of the seven archangels who govern the days of the week. Elegant, white, benevolent magic, perfect as a gift or personal talisman. Evoke their names as needed, or meditate on their unique blessings every day of the week.

Michael- (Sunday) The warrior, the protector.
Gabriel- (Monday) The messenger. Strength and mercy.
Camael- (Tuesday) Beauty, joy, contentment.
Raphael- (Wednesday) The healer, the teacher, the guide.
Sachiel- (Thursday) Wealth, charity.
Anael- (Friday) Creation, sexuality.
Cassiel- (Saturday) Solitude, temperance.

Seven linked flatback cabochons are set in raw brass with solid brass chains and findings. The bracelet is 7.5 inches long and fits best on small and medium wrists. (You can check your wrist circumference with some dress tape or measuring tape.) The fastening chain can also be lengthened upon request.

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