Sigil of Ameth -- Handmade Brass Talisman

Sigil of Ameth -- Handmade Brass Talisman


The Sigil of Ameth or “Sigillum Dei,” (The Seal of God) is a magical diagram from the late middle ages, credited to Renaissance mystic and scientist John Dee. This is one of the most complex and puzzling sigils I've transcribed. It is composed of a pentagram and three heptagons inclosed in a circle. These structures house the sometimes-complete and sometimes fragmented, abbreviated, and encoded names of god and his angels. The outermost circle is believed to be the cypher used to form the names of the spirits, thrones, and angels within it. According to its earliest description in the Liber iuratus Honorii, the Sigil of Ameth can grant the initiated magician command over all creatures and lesser angels. Though I make no such claims, this sigil remains an esoteric treasure, and is certainly impressive to behold.

The original engraved tablet rests in the King Gallery of the British Museum beside Dee's Obsidian scrying mirror.

This is one of our largest amulets, measuring 30mm in diameter, and rests in a setting of hand-finished brass.

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