Steampunk Emblem -- Red / Beast -- Handmade Brass Gear Pendant

Steampunk Emblem -- Red / Beast -- Handmade Brass Gear Pendant


How perfect is this, like chocolate and peanut butter: Gears upon gears with a luminous eye at their axis. Popular culture has become familiar with the gear as the symbol of the Steampunk movement, and I'm often asked to explain this phenomenon. Though I'm no authority on the subject, I have always been intrigued by the marriage of the mechanical and the mystical. And though I claim no affiliation with the movement, I admit that my engines are fired by that same spark of wonder, that blazing spirit of invention. Like the relic of some long long-lost machinist cult, or the herald of new and wondrous age, these mysterious emblems are certainly objects of intrigue. They appear both curiously mechanical and curiously alive.

The pendant is solid brass, featuring hand-made acrylic irises, and measures 18mm in diameter.

Chains are now purchased separately- All chains are hand-finished brass and designed especially to match our pendants. Visit the new "chains" section of our shop to choose your preferred length and style.

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