The 1st Pentacle of Jupiter - A Talisman For Discovering Hidden Treasures

The 1st Pentacle of Jupiter - A Talisman For Discovering Hidden Treasures


The 1st Pentacle of Jupiter, a talisman for discovering and acquiring hidden treasures!

"This serveth to invoke the Spirits of Jupiter, and especially those whose names are written around the pentacle, among whom Parasiel is Lord and Master of Treasures, and teacheth how to become possessor of places wherein they are."

The inner symbols comprise Mystical Characters of Jupiter, surrounded by the Names of the Angels written in Hebrew:

Netoniel, Devachiah, Tzedeqiah, and Parasiel.

This collection of pentacles was gathered from the CLAVICULA SALOMONIS or "The Keys of Solomon," one of history's most celebrated and influential grimoires. This 16th century spellbook was the premier manual for the ceremonial magician. True occult treasures, these talismans were held by magicians and nobility alike.

The Order of the Pentacles was a banquet of esoterica, a curious blend of mysticism from all ages and traditions: calling upon powers astrological and the alchemical, evoking spirits angelic and exotic, and scribed in languages magical and ancient, and beautifully arranged in verses and sacred geometric structures.

This is a selection of the most powerful and beneficial talismans from The Order of the Pentacles. They have been thoroughly researched and masterfully transcribed with care given to the finest detail. They are sealed within a cabochon lens, which magnifies them beautifully so their details remain vivid to the naked eye.

Includes a legend tag with description and detailed translation for your reference. Makes a wonderful gift!

They are set in solid hand-finished brass. They can be perfectly accessorized with any of our antique brass chains:

- K. M. K

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