The 4th Pentacle of Jupiter - A Talisman for Wealth

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The 4th Pentacle of Jupiter - A Talisman for Wealth


The Fouth Pentacle of Jupiter: “It serveth to aquire riches and honour, and to possess much wealth.” This pentacle is split by a magical sigil which resembles a tree bearing moons or coins. Above is the name IH (Iah) translating to “I am.” Below are the names of angels: and Bariel to the right of the sigil and and also on the left arranged around a quartered square,
and Adoniel beneath that.

Pendants are 20mm in diameter and framed in solid hand-finished brass. They can be perfectly accessorized with any of our antique brass chains:

History of the Pentacles:

“The Key of Solomon” is one of history's most famous grimoires and and a fascinating artifact of the European Renaissance.

It served as a treasury and guidebook of ceremonial magic, holding within it “The Order of the Pentacles,” the detailed series of talismans featured in this collection. These talismans are cast from a melting pot of classical and occult influences: Greek, Latin, Ancient Hebrew, the magical sigils of Dee and Agrippa, Gnostic Mysticism and Babylonian Astrology; Not the work of a single tradition or author, but influenced by the works of many magicians and many cultures across a great span of history.

Each talisman in our collection is recreated with exacting detail. My research references S. Liddel MacGregor Mathews 1888 edition, as well as my own research and translations, to insure that these are the most vivid, studied, and authentic transcriptions available. They are objects of art, of power, and of historical curiosity. It is my pleasure to bring these occult treasures into the modern world and share their mysteries with you.

- K. M. Kotulak

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