The Astronomer's Apprentice -- Handmade Brass Bracelet


The Astronomer's Apprentice -- Handmade Brass Bracelet


These symbols represent the seven classical planets of antiquity, otherwise known as the seven planets of the ancients. The origin of the word 'planet' is 'wanderer' in Ancient Greek, and thus includes those stellar objects that were observed to be moving in the night sky. They comprise the Sun and Moon and the five planets Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. These seven bodies are also each associated with a particular day of the week:

Sun -- Sunday
Moon -- Monday
Mars -- Tuesday
Mercury -- Wednesday
Jupiter -- Thursday
Venus -- Friday
Saturn -- Saturday

The symbols are of our own transcribing, accurately depicting the ancient symbols of Astrology. The settings and findings are solid hand-antiqued brass. Ideal for medium or small sized wrists. It can be tightened or extended upon request.

--Choose your order of symbols, whether in astronomical order or the days of the week.

-Choose your preferred clasp, either lobster or toggle.

--Pictured bracelet measures 7½" in length; can be lengthened to your satisfaction (just put a note in the checkout options).

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