The Enchanted Forest -- Handmade Brass Necklace

The Enchanted Forest -- Handmade Brass Necklace


I'm often asked to explain my fascination with eyes- In many myths and cultures the eye is attributed symbolic and talismanic powers. To me, the eye is an open gateway between the inner and outer worlds. They are miraculous machines made of water and light- The deep dark wells of mystery and truth.

The eye cabochons are my own design. They possess a life-like depth and luminance. Each is subtly unique and has its own qualities and imperfections. The lenses are acrylic, a material I use for its clarity and photograph-ability, so the necklace itself is lighter than it appears. 

The metal is hand-fished brass and the chain is roughly 16 inches long with a four inch extender so the fit can be adjusted between 16 inches (loose choker length) and 20 inches (mid to low breast length.)

This arrangement was inspired by the colors of the forest canopy: The leaves kaleidoscopic in the sunlight, breezes and birdsong and dancing blue shadows. A green window crystal, like the sunlight through the leaves, and a shimmering aura borealis crystal completes it.

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