The Eye of Providence

The Eye of Providence


The Eye of Providence is one of America's most widespread and yet mysterious symbols.
It appears on the reserve side of Great Seal of the United States, and also on the one dollar bill.

It is celebrated by the Order of the Freemasons and said to be connected with the secret order of the Illuminati.

The symbol itself has a rich history: In Christianity the triangle is seen to represent the trinity of the Father, Son, and Holy spirit, the eye in the center representing God's omniscience. In the medieval science of alchemy its symbol was used to illustrate the divine presence at work, often crowning diagrams of the universe or alchemical experiments.

In 1782, the Eye of Providence featured in the design of the Great Seal of the United States, and has been with us ever since. In the Great Seal, the eye formed a capstone a pyramid, a wonder of architecture. It could be seen to symbolize the miracles of human industry, or mankind's effort to serve, or to connect with, the divine though earthly endeavors. Above is the Latin motto: Annuit cœptis: “He approves of our undertakings” and beneath it: Novus ordo seclorum: "The New Order of the Ages"

Our Eye of Providence talisman is an original illustration incorporating all aspects of the symbol's history. It has vivid detail and a subtle luminous iridescence. The cabochon itself measures 25mm, and the solid brass setting measures 1inch in diameter.

Chains are sold separately.

Upon request we can include a tag with printed legend. Perfect for gifts!

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