The Honey Bee -- Brass Pendant with Original Artwork

The Honey Bee -- Brass Pendant with Original Artwork


What little miracles these creatures are! Hardworking and faithful to their task, not only to they make the beautiful golden honey, but they also play a vital role in agriculture by pollinating the crops that we all enjoy. The champion of the farmer and a tiny paragon of community, hard-work, and generosity.

These cabochon pendants feature high quality reproductions of my miniature paintings and illustrations. Simple, iconic, and emotional, these powerful little pendants double as miniature artworks. A simple brass bezel setting will suit any style or gender. Also makes a lovely ornament, charm, or feature when incorporated into your own designs.

*These pendants do not include a chain. They do however match beautifully with any of the antiqued brass chains available in the Chains and Accessories section of my shop. Various lengths and styles available.

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