Triquetra - Trinity Knot -- Handmade Brass Talisman

Triquetra - Trinity Knot -- Handmade Brass Talisman


The Trinity Knot, also known as the Triquetra or Celtic Knot, is a popular motif in artwork and ornamentation of the ancient Celts. It can be found engraved upon treasures and weapons; illuminating sacred manuscripts and heroic epics; and intertwined with plants, animals, and winding pathways, woven into the pattern of life.

In its threefold arches we see familiar patterns: The eternal, renewing cycle of birth, life, and death, three powers, three labors, three promises, the structure of a story, or the phases of the moon.

As a holy symbol, the Triquetra is sacred to both Celtic Christian and Pagan traditions. It can represent the aspects of the Triple Goddess, or the Christian Holy trinity. Its endless enclosing loops make it a powerful ward, and a symbol of magical protection.

Measures 1" in diameter.

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